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Our Services

Tax Services

Our tax services include the preparation of individual income taxes, multi-state taxes, corporate, and fiduciary (estates and trusts).

We also provide the following tax planning services:

New Businesses – Determination of the best form of ownership (corporation, S corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or proprietorship) to minimize federal and state taxes and selection of the most advantageous accounting elections.

Planning for Business Transfers – Analysis of the federal and state tax aspects of ownership transfer in order to minimize taxes and meet the special rules on transfers to family members.

Multi-state Tax Planning – Analysis of the tax consequences of expanding to other states and other countries.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning – Analysis to minimize estate taxes and advise on transferring wealth from one generation to the next generation.

Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals – Integrated tax planning for the business entity and owner to minimize overall taxes, estate planning, recommendation of tax advantageous fringe benefit plans and analysis of tax sheltered investments and the passive loss limits.

Auditing and Attestation Services

Compilations, reviews and audits for clients in various industries, including governmental, non-profit, and private companies.

Our use of highly trained professional personnel combined with a broad understanding of our clients operational needs and the special characteristics of the environment in which they operate, enables us to render highly effective audits and produce added value for our clients. A special management letter offers our clients suggestions for improving their business operation. Many of our management consulting services can be directly traced to our audit engagements, such as the services in connection with the development of business plans, office procedures, capital budgeting and data processing. Our firm is committed to providing the highest quality services while continually striving to improve the skills needed to achieve our goals. We have developed a working relationship with experts in many specialized areas to ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice.

We emphasize independence, as a fundamental concept in our audit work, which gives us the ability to act with integrity and objectivity. We are aware that our opinion will be used as a primary sources of information by our clients, creditors, stockholders, investors and government agencies; accordingly, any work that we perform leading to the expression of our opinion is subject to the highest quality control procedures of the firm.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

We offer prompt and experienced support to small and large businesses in payroll preparation, QuickBooks support, and bookkeeping. We are experienced in servicing retail, manufacturing, and professional entities.

We tailor our services to each clients specific needs. For some clients we are responsible for all bookkeeping and accounting functions. Other clients with the experience and time rely on us for occasional questions and consultations. We are experienced in tailoring our services to whatever level of assistance a business needs. We pride ourselves on setting up a system for our clients current and changing circumstances.


Personal Financial Planning

We specialize in investment management and retirement planning. Other services include insurance recommendations and implementation, advice on income tax, gift and estate tax, trusts, and mortgage issues. Pinnacle Investment Advisors, LLC is currently registered to do business in Michigan.

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